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for users of Hal and other Dolphin products
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I originally started this group on gmail, but got no responses. I've since renamed it from Hal-users to dolphinlist to more accurately describe it's purpose.

This is a group for those who've chosen to use pproducts such as the Hal screenreader made by Dolphin Computer Access as opposed to other similar applications. Please note that this group is neither sponsored by nor indorced by Dolphin. It's by users for users.

I was a JFW user until the beginning of 2006 and when I switched to Hal, I was very disappointed because there were no lists for us on the web. So I created one. Users of Hal, Pocket Hal, Lunar, Supernova, and Cicero are welcomed. Whether you're a veteran user, a newby, or a parent/educator who is trying to help a user of these programs, no question is stupid or wrong so long as it's on topic. Please provide a brief intro, so we know how long you (or your child/student) have been using Dolphin products. That way, those more experienced can help those who are transitioning from another screenreader/product to Hal or another Dolphin product, as well as those who are new to screenreaders and accessible technology in general.

Needless to say, I will not allow any flaming, spamming, trolling etc. Negative opinions about software or even companies are fine. Directing them towards members is not, and won't be tolerated. This is a community for all ages, so please remember that when you post and be respectful of any minors who may join. That said, welcome to the Dolphin List!